CGM Dexcom G6 sensor restart Calibration Error message

I just restarted my sensor about 1.5 hours ago. I received this error message 3 times. The sensor has been accurate. This is my second restart (1 day earlier because it’s more convenient to do it today).

Has this happened to you? And what did you do?



Did you enter original calibration code on restart?
If yes, I think the transmitter basically makes assumptions/checks based on that code, and what it is getting from 20/ day sensor is unexpected. Just my guess.

When I restart, I use no code, and have not seen this message.


I entered no code.

I tried restarting it again… Meaning I stopped and removed the transmitter for 30 minutes, waited for the two hour warm up. I did this twice. In both cases, the same message. I removed the sensor. The placement location was also becoming really itching. Does this happen to you, the itchiness?

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No, I don’t have itchiness.
I use back of arm and inner thighs.

There are some barriers to try, that may help if you are having allergic reaction to adhesive. But I don’t use, maybe @Jen does.

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The itchiness only started about a day or two ago. So I was ok with discarding the sensor. I’m having a sensor free day today.

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Mine did that last week. I called tech support and they sent me out a new sensor. When I call them their very helpful.

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Yes, I occasionally have those calibration sensor errors. Sometimes I can “kick” it back to normal by calibrating it twice in a row with the exact same value. It’s like saying, “No, THIS is the value I want you to read.” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. But…it does work for me.