Can an 81xxxx Dexcom Transmitter with firmware be reset?

Just an FYI for anyone searching on how to reset the days since activation to zero on the Dexcom 81xxxx transmitter with software.
My experience is that it currently (Nov 18,2019) cannot be reset.
I’ve been working on this for 2 weeks with a lot of help from this forum and other forums. I have not been successful. I have tried the following apps:
–Reset App
–XDrip Plus
With each app I have attempted to reset multiple times (I didn’t keep count but at least 5 times each app).
I have found 2 people on another forum that think it has similar firmware to the Firefly transmitter and both say they do not think it can be reset.
OK, now you know everything I know about it.
If you have had success resetting this transmitter/firmware combo, please share your method.


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The original post is about resetting transmitter days, not restarting sensors.

I have 81xx with firmware, and will attempt reset in about 60 days.

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Interesting. I checked ours. Our last 80xxxx and our current 81xxxx transmitters both have firmware But based on the post from @Toni there can obviously be different firmware within what would otherwise seem to be the same version of the transmitter if only looking at serial number prefix.

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This was noticed in TuD post earlier. Maybe never made it out the door ! The person with had to physically remove transmitter for 30 minutes to do sensor restart, which I didn’t have to do.


OK. Most of the comments here are off topic as others have noted.
I am the original poster. I am not talking about sensors. I am talking about resetting a specific TRANSMITTER with a specific firmware.


My thinking is that it might be helpful if we report what transmitter and firmware we use and whether the reset works or doesn’t work. We can talk about sensors on a different thread.

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@Toni, I cleaned up your topic which as you rightly note had been hijacked, including by me. So here you go, clean thread to finish your interesting discussion. Sorry about the noise.


When time for me to reset, I will update.

Thank you @Chris.

I have a .27 firmware 81xxxx transmitter and have been unsuccessful in resetting the transmitter.

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I was able to do reset on 81xx transmitter, using xDrip.
But the transmitter only lasted about 2 more weeks, and the battery level was too low.

Now using a 8G transmitter with firmware.