Calling the Tooth Fairy

Liam lost his very first tooth today. He’s super excited over what the tooth fairy may bring him tonight in exchange for it. :laughing:

What’s the tooth fairy paying these days anyway? Lol.


Liam said, “Papa, can I get a bank account?”

I said, “Why?”

He responded, “Because I’m going to have a dollar tomorrow.”.

:laughing:. He’s such a cutey.


Man I had so many unpredictable tooth ferry duties in rural Alaska I can’t even count… usually just involved a trip to the nearest store (which wasn’t close) to buy a candy bar…

My kids losing teeth weren’t diabetic though and I do think that’s a valuable opportunity to teach that a reward doesn’t have to include a sugar spike… though it’d be a bad idea to put a ribeye steak under a pillow…

What else is he into? Comic books? DVDs? Book series?

I know you won’t see this but nonetheless I’ll post for the common good.

Re the bank account… some of the most valuable gifts my dad ever gave me was to start a savings account in my name at the local bank… even if I didn’t have much more than a dollar… and the day I got my first job at the local car wash he took me to same bank and started an ira for me… those are truly the best gifts and lessons in hindsight I’ve ever had


My 6 year old neighbor says the going rat3 is $1!


We paid $5 per tooth, then the lovely but unknowing dentist killed us, because my oldest needed a teeth pulled and he had to break it up into 5 pieces, and the dentist told my son that the tooth fairy pays for each piece as if it is a full tooth and my pretty smart 6 year old said YEEEEEESSSS!!! I get $25 for that one then, and the dentist had a horrified look on his face as my wife smacked her forehead.


Those are super cute pics! :heart:

My boys always got cash. For them, the actual amount depended on what I happened to have at the time. Most nights, it meant digging around to find cash at 2am! :grinning:


My kids got a quarter per tooth. But in those days that is also what I paid a baby sitter per hour. :anguished:


Didn’t realize the fairy was that popular these days, until I saw this:

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A quick look on Amazon and Etsy says that the Fairy Door is having quite a renaissance. I had no idea.