a new, cheaper and friendlier way to order insulin from Canada is a brick and mortar pharmacy in Winnipeg, Manitoba, that recently turned itself into an online ordering pharmacy.

I have been in touch with the owner to double check the information I am mentioning above. My contacts with them have been super-friendly. You know that I have been a fan of Mark’s Marine Pharmacy for many years (I used to order medicine from them 30 years ago in the South Pacific while doing inter-island sailing). is as friendly as Mark’s, they have better prices on most (possibly all) insulins I have checked, and they are eager to work with US patients.

I will share more about them after I receive our first order.


Thanks for the info, my $99 novo card ends at year end, so will check this out for next year.


I think you can get a new card though…

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Odd that their URL is unreachable :face_with_monocle:

I have no problems reaching that URL.

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I’ve tried it with FF, Safari and Chrome, from both regular and Incognito windows.

Getting a 403 (url forbidden) error

Could they be blocking traffic from Canada?

That’s the conclusion I reached. I’m not sure why …

Could there be Canadian regulations that require them to block certain traffic?
In their terms and conditions they state things like this:

"It is important to note that not all of the products, services and Information are available in all provinces or in jurisdictions outside Canada. "

“If you choose to access the Site from outside of the Province of Manitoba or the Country of Canada, you do so on your own initiative and are responsible for compliance with applicable local, national or international laws.”


Had to use a VPN to get access. It all looks above board.

Their prices are decent, even if in US dollars (I paid $42 CAD for my last vial of Humalog, they want $44)

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