Broken RileyLink Switch

My on/off switch broke off. I was turning it on and off to reset it and I don’t know where it ended up. My link is not operational as it is off. Is there anyone I can contact? I purchased in October. I don’t know if it can be fixed or if I need to replace. Any help would be welcome. Thank you!

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Hi @flyerfansince79,
It is possible only the external part of the switch is broken, but the internal part of the switch still works.

Try this - take it out of the case, see if you can manually turn it on using the internal switch, and then put it back in the case and just leave the switch on all the time.

I have never turned mine off. Once the battery runs down, it will turn itself off. :grinning:

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Thank you. The plastic switch has broken off. If I put a tack on the switch it will light up but I don’t know what I can put in there to keep pressure on it like the switch did.

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