Bolusing for corn on the cob

It’s that time of year, tomatoes fresh off the vine, too many summer squash…and fresh corn on the cob. How glycemic do you find fresh sweet corn to be for you? How long do you pre-bolus? Lately it seems like I am only able to pre-bolus 20 minutes (BG trending low, dinner timing, etc.) and 25-30 minutes later my BG goes up pretty fast. Yesterday I walked around the yard for 5-10 minutes to curb the spike. So I’d love to hear what works for you! Thanks!


Eat the squash? /s

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Unfortunately raccoons ate all of my sweet corn this year so I can’t be of much help. By the time I figured out who was climbing over my 3 foot tall rabbit fence it was too late. As soon as the ears started to sprout, they would nibble them down to nothing. For store bought sweet corn I usually pre bolus about the same as other boiled veg dishes (peas, green beans) and guess about 20g carbs per ear. My pre bolus timing is usually based on the glycemic guesstimate of the main dish (steak vs pasta, etc) and the veg dish does not seem to be a factor. Have not noticed any unusual spiking from the corn.


Thank you a million for bringing up this topic. I havent a clue as to how to bolus for fresh sweet corn. I am looking forward to hearing from everyone on their carb counts and pre-boluses,etc. (But for now, I think I will go on the internet and investigate the situation. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:


I find this approach works pretty good…lol

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