Finally learned how to bolus for my favorite lunch

Well, my favorite lunch that can be bought on my college campus anyways. It’s a “veggie quesadilla” from a Mexican food truck that conveniently parks near where I am everyday for a summer research program. 2 large flour tortillas filled with cheese and beans, topped with salsa, onions, cilantro, tomato, crema, and avocado :heart_eyes:

After trying about 10 different methods, apparently my biggest problem was that I was pre-bolusing when I shouldn’t have been. Who would have thought!


You’re making me hungry. :grin: And your line is AWESOME. :two_hearts:


Good for you! I had a bit of a veggie quesadilla/chips and guac disaster a couple weeks ago and pretty much swore off that particular item for a while. Yep, pre-blousing was a mistake for sure!


Fantastic line. I wonder if there is enough fat in the beans to delay the carbs. Interesting trial and error.


I learned that for certain foods, I cannot pre bolus. It’s better to bolus and eat.

In some cases, eat some more, and bolus more, :-):smiley:


Thanks Nicky! :grin: I must say I was very proud, my lines usually never look this flat.

Thank you! It really took me an unnecessarily long time to finally try it without a pre-bolus, I was just so sure it would cause a big spike. Hopefully the veggie quesadilla/chips and guac experiment turns out a bit better for you next time! :smiley:

Thank you! That definitely may be true. I also have to walk down and then back up 3 flights of stairs before eating this dish, which I think tends to create a little bit of a downward trend by itself, so pre-bolusing was likely just excessive.

I’m coming to understand that better finally! It took me dropping low after pre-bolusing about 5 separate times before it finally got through to me, but better late than never I suppose :stuck_out_tongue:


awesome results! We basically never pre-bolus for anything nowadays with our son. it’s one of the few pieces of advice from “Sugar Surfing” that just doesn’t work out for us most of the time. Glad you cracked the code.


have you been experimenting more with beans?
I truly would love to eat beans more regularly. it was one of the foods that made me feel satiated most of the times and i never felt ravenously hungry.


Good luck finding any. I am quite sure that the people buying the toilet paper know what to do with it, but our stores are out of dried beans which we used to make a couple of times a month. But for some reason people keep buying up all the dried beans, which I am quite sure most don’t know how to cook with. Fortunately they are afraid of Lentils, so my split pea soup for the week became Lentil and Ham soup. Oh well.


Fortunately they are afraid of Lentils, so my split pea soup for the week became Lentil and Ham soup.

That’s funny cause lentils are easier to cook, haha!