Blucon Nightrider Faulty Data

I just recieved my Blucon Nightrider & installed it & the app.
Sadly it shows 15 mg/dl for most of the readings & then the readings could be any random number. At 8.22am it showed 15, 5 mts later it showed 323 & the next reading was 220.
I have reset the switch by inserting the needle to make it go off & the on but there is no improvement.
Some one out there, please advise what I should do.

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I hope you get it sorted out, on the plus side you would be able to eat a bunch of sugar to compensate for the 15, on the negative site, having a random number generator for a glucose reading doesn’t seem wise.

If you haven’t already, search FUD for the keyword “nightrider”. I didn’t read them, but I did see there were quite a few posts about the nightrider. Perhaps one of these will help you! If not, I’m sure someone will be able to help you figure it out here!

Also, welcome to FUD! Please feel free to introduce yourself!

We should ask David Hasselhoff.


Apologies. I haven’t hijacked a thread in a few hours, so…

Hi I am a caregiver of my cousin who used NightRider blucon which he bought 18 month ago and working perfectly fine. Though they update their app which causes sometime disfigured readings but after the updation app works fine. He can now sleep peacefully and can take care of his health too. He stays in hostel and we were worried when we don’t have nightrider blucon. it makes his life easy. readings are pretty close to the libre app. and we are quite happy. there are many bad rumours on social media we read that too. but once we started using it, all rumours proved wrong. So i would advise everyone don’t believe without testing it. So far we are benefited and worth paying it.

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i love mine too!