Blog Overview of Research Aimed At A Cure In Human Trials

I’ve just posted a new blog article which is my yearly summary of all clinical trials aimed at curing/preventing/delaying T1D. This year there are 56 different trials going on, including 12 being run on people with long established T1D.


What do you think of these guys? I detest ‘cure in five years’ predictions, but other than that, how promising is this treatment?

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Good luck with that 5 year thing. Getting a new drug approved in the USA takes 10-15 years of human trials. Devices are a little faster, but not that much. And they aren’t even starting human trials for another year! They are just saying good things to try to raise money.

I would ignore these guys until they have results from tests in people. That is my policy almost all the time. There is just too much stuff done in animals, which never even makes it to people.


When I was diagnosed in 1972 people told me “aren’t you lucky, the cure is just around the corner.” I have heard similar things all along the way in the years since then. I hope one of these cures works out, but am mostly just happy to have a Dexcom G6, a Tandem pump and a really good Endocrinologist right now, tonight, as I type this.


The gluten free diet is investigated as a prevention for diabetes?! :face_with_monocle: