JDRF Funding for a Cure 2018

I just made my annual blog posting which lists all clinical trials aimed at curing type-1 diabetes, and then describes which are funded by JDRF and which are not. It is a good posting both to see an overview of everything being done (to cure, in humans), and to see how much of that is funded by JDRF.



@joshualevy, what are “Stage II?” trials? I am wondering about the question mark, since you list other regular Stage II trials.

That is described in the blog posting this way:

The Difference Between Phase-II and Phase-II? Trials
Phase-II trials are “classic” phase-II trials; they are done after a successful Phase-I trial in type-1 diabetes. What I call Phase-II? trials are done on known safe treatments, so they don’t need Phase-I trials, but have never been tested on type-1 diabetes before. These Phase-II? trials might be Phase-II from the point of view of size and safety, but they are Phase-I in terms of effectiveness, so I’m putting them in their own category.

If this doesn’t make sense to you, or you have more questions about it, please tell me.

Joshua Levy

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So sorry, I must have missed it :frowning: For some reason this post does shrink down properly on a phone, whereas your normal posts do. I must have missed these lines as I was scrolling left and right :frowning:

Thanks for bringing all of this info together @joshualevy, it is very helpful. JDRF is doing a lot, I just wish they were a bit more efficient with their expense ratio.


Me 2. --Joshua