JDRF Funding for a Cure 2018


I just made my annual blog posting which lists all clinical trials aimed at curing type-1 diabetes, and then describes which are funded by JDRF and which are not. It is a good posting both to see an overview of everything being done (to cure, in humans), and to see how much of that is funded by JDRF.



@joshualevy, what are “Stage II?” trials? I am wondering about the question mark, since you list other regular Stage II trials.


That is described in the blog posting this way:

The Difference Between Phase-II and Phase-II? Trials
Phase-II trials are “classic” phase-II trials; they are done after a successful Phase-I trial in type-1 diabetes. What I call Phase-II? trials are done on known safe treatments, so they don’t need Phase-I trials, but have never been tested on type-1 diabetes before. These Phase-II? trials might be Phase-II from the point of view of size and safety, but they are Phase-I in terms of effectiveness, so I’m putting them in their own category.

If this doesn’t make sense to you, or you have more questions about it, please tell me.

Joshua Levy


So sorry, I must have missed it :frowning: For some reason this post does shrink down properly on a phone, whereas your normal posts do. I must have missed these lines as I was scrolling left and right :frowning:


Thanks for bringing all of this info together @joshualevy, it is very helpful. JDRF is doing a lot, I just wish they were a bit more efficient with their expense ratio.


Me 2. --Joshua