BG affected by bone bruise?

Quick question…has anybody ever had a bone bruise and noted whether it causes a BG rise? I’m dealing with one on my hip right now and noticed my BG running a little higher than usual. It’s pretty deep near the top outside part of my femur. Just wondering if anybody has experienced this BG rise associated with large or deep bruising, or possibly I need to determine other reasons for higher than expected BG’s today?

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I haven’t experienced it from a bruise. But just like anything else that stresses you, I suppose it can affect BG. If your body undergoes any type of stress, your BG can spike. Some people spike from public speaking.

When I smashed my finger years ago, my BG spiked immediately as I was bleeding all over the floor. I connected those two things right away.

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Thanks…I figure it’s either that or my snail’s pace of movement today caused by the location.

I’ve got one still healing from early June. I wondered if it would impact my bg and it never seemed to.

Yep, another factor to consider. If the bruise causes you to burn less calories than normal. A very good point!

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