Best low treatment



They are just small traveling tubes of glucose tabs, (fits 10 tablets) here is Walgreens version.


Jolly Ranchers are very portable for walks, yoga class, etc. Love the blue ones!


I just wrote a novel about our new favorite sweet things over here:

Historically, we’ve been pretty bad about keeping stuff on hand, and sometimes that’s been scary. So, we are growing up, and being better at it. But I’ve certainly politely asked for a cup of juice or soda STAT while in a bar more than once.

EH hates those glucose tabs, because they taste like chalk to him. Skittles give him canker sores. For a long time he used Mentos, but got tired of it, and the mint ones were too menthol-y for him to gauge how he was recovering. Chocolate doesn’t work for him either, too much caffeine. He also used Starburst, but they melt. And small Lara Bars (but their wrappers are made of some plastic-like-substance made from corn which is stupid loud at night, and they’re hard to chew up). And a host of free hard candy scored from a restaurant/hotel/etc. is always floating around in our lives. I keep juice boxes and chocolate milk boxes, and when we did Whole30, he used applesauce, dates, and figs, and that worked.

(And, now an epilogue here.)


Actually, they do go bad. They mold. Or, ours did, left in our car. It was disgusting and frustrating.


For a moderate low (~55) first choice is a donut or other delicious pastry if available.

For the serious crash (<45) then it’s straight to the orange juice, which is always available (home, office, in my cooled lunch bag for travel). I don’t leave home without it.

Candy is dandy, but o.j. is quicker.


Lemonade…so seasonal…and tasty!


How fast is your recovery with a donut? At what point do you bolus for the extra carbs? Or do you exert terrific self-discipline and just eat a small piece? :doughnut:


We had some in the car and they got sort of crystallized and unusable though :frowning:


I use mini donuts and mini pastries. About 10g carbs per. They are not particularly fast, but for a moderate low it’s fast enough.

I’ve gotten pretty good at controlling how many I eat. I get into more rebound trouble when I treat a deep low. Self control goes out the window in that case.


For lows, a great thing is a Radler. Invented in Deisenhofen, Germany in 1922. It’s a mix of beer and lemonade, about 50% each.


While the Radler is tolerable, the Diesel is horrible. For the uninitiated, 50% coke 50% beer. Awful stuff.


@Eric, my goodness, I am shocked you did not know… It is called a Demi Panache, invented in Belgium in 1919, by a French speaker of course.

Radler. Pffff…


Sure enough, the Diesel was invented in Germany.


What I am reading here is the best low treatment depends on the low and the time of day.

So for me it would be -
A lager for a post lawn-mowing low. :beer:
An IPA for a walking to the pub low. :beers:
A glass of drambuie for a lazy evening low. (there is no drambuie emoji !)


and dex4 tablets for time when it is inappropirate to have a drink :laughing:


@Eric, @Chris, @Michel, and @Aaron, darn. It’s too bad I’m pretty sure I react badly to alcohol in general.

@docslotnick, that sounds like a fun way to treat lows! I guess I must be pretty carb sensitive when I’m low, because it only takes 2 gummi bears (4 carbs) to stop the drop, and if I do 4 (8 carbs), it’ll bump me up ~30mg/dl. Then again, I haven’t had many lows, and no bad ones yet.


Love your plan :slight_smile:


thanks for this info. i know this post is a rather old one, but i bring the fish to the pool with me (ha ha ha) and had no idea how many to take when i go low while swimming. i’d been over-doing it so often that i finally gave up. and it stinks b/c i love them so much and they taste much better than glucose tabs :wink:


hate the Walgreens brand, but CVS’s version is much better. back when Walgreens was Duane Reed, those tabs were the best. orange is my go-to, but the grape and the pineapple are pretty good, too. the cherry is the absolute worst.( i’d rather eat a tums than chew on a cherry tablet :wink: )


My favorite is the new Martini flavored ones.


What do you binge on to correct low lows?

You know, in 46+ years of D I’ve never eaten a glucose tab. But these might change my mind.