Best G6 Sensor location

Anyone put the G6 sensor on the front of their arm, like on the bicep muscle? I want an arm location but sleep on my side, so the side doesn’t work. I’m trying the front this time, and I guess I’ll find out how it goes.


Well, the numbers with the sensor on the front of my arm (on the bicep) have been really tracking my meter. So that’s good. And, it’s a great position for me for sleeping, so I like that. But, I’m getting pinches or pokes that I can feel depending on how I move that muscle. I’m pretty slim, so I don’t have much fat cover, and I’m guessing the filament is poking into my muscle. The back of my arm is pretty flabby, and that’s the location I’ve used before.

Anyone else have this effect? Is this a bad thing? Should the sensor be in muscle or fat?


@Jan I liked to wear the sensor on the front of my arm as it is easier to remove it and restart it. However I vaguely remember one hurting a little some time back and recently when I placed another near that area it started hurting a little so I removed the sensor. But the localized pain did not go away by a month so I asked my doctor about it. She set me up for ultra sound on my arm.

I have 2 lipomas in that area, I’m thinking from the sensor? Maybe the past one and I irritated it again?

But I have seen several people wear it on the front of their arm with no issues.



I used my belly for several years, but my endo was worried about real estate because that is also where I wear my pump infusion set. She asked me to try thigh or back of upper arm. For me, thigh wasn’t great because of more muscle tissue (and the occasional tingling pain) … plus I was more likely to scrape it off when putting on and removing my 501s.

For me, back of upper arm has been working well. Stable readings and out of the way. Of course, I’m not exactly Mr Chiseled Arms … Dexcom says if you can “pinch an inch” you should be good.

In my case, the sensor isn’t perfectly aligned with the back side of my arm but is rotated about 20 degrees to the inside … not enough to block signal when my arm is at my side, but seems to help keep from scraping off the sensor.

Good luck, and stay safe!



I’ve done on the front of my arm as well as inner arm, and both have been as accurate as back of arm for me. I have also used thighs and that’s been accurate. I’ve seen people place the g6 on their calves, and I want to try it out this summer!

Some of my sensors will poke/pinch, and it probably is running into muscle or just getting caught in tissue. I don’t think too much of it, but the sensor should be in fat ideally


Thanks @LarissaW, @Marie, @shott!
Very helpful info!

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So this is my 3rd insert for my G6. I’m pre-soaking because my 2nd one expires at 11:30am tomorrow. However, I just hit blood for the first time in my upper arm just above where my other G6 is. Do I need to do a re-insert? Or should I be ok with current position? It’s not tender or anything.

How badly did it bleed? After inserting I watch it for a while, and if it’s just a little blood around the sensor on the fabric, then I leave it. If there’s more blood then I replace it.

It’s not even on the fabric…it’s inside where the transmitter goes. I’m sure I’m going to need to clean that out, but it’s stopped now and it’s not tender. I just don’t want it to affect my transmitter when I put it in there or have a bad site.


I meant if it’s just on the fabric in the middle where the transmitter would go. I’ve had them where they dripped blood and those I switched out. But if it bled just a little, then I left it. I guess if it was just a little blood, I’d try it, and if it doesn’t work well you can change it out later.


You are fine, most of my son’s sensors show blood under the insertion site, but every couple of months he hits a gusher where he bleeds through the fabric and blood starts running down his arms and can’t easily be stopped. We change those.


Thanks y’all! I was on the Freestyle Libre before the G6 and have never had blood. This is just my 3rd site change with the G6. I LOVE it for the ease of use and being able to see everything on my phone without having to check it with a different monitor. I’m currently on a Medtronic 630G and will be switching over to Omnipod DASH next week. My pods are supposed to arrive tomorrow and my PDM is supposed to be here Monday. Then to get hooked up with a trainer over the computer. I’m still not out and about quite yet. The Dr. has me off work until the 10th of June due to some other health problems.


Are you liking the Omnipod Dash??