Being Excited about things that suck that turn out not to be due to Diabetes!

I keep meaning to post this but then I get sidetracked…

I get really excited when something sucks but it turns out not to be related to diabetes!

For example:

  1. Taking a tour of an aircraft carrier for four hours during the middle of summer last year…was keeping careful tabs on my bg due to lots of stairs, lots of walking, lots of sweating. I started feeling AWFUL towards the end of our four hours in non-ventilated areas…but my bg was a solid 97 so Yay, Heat Sucks!
  2. Whenever I feel a splinter in my foot…Yay, Splinters Still Hurt!
  3. When I suspect I’m getting a new floater in my eye but it turns out to be actual dust floating around in my house getting highlighted by afternoon sun, Yay, Allergens!
  4. When I suspect I’m getting a flashbulb spot in my vision but it turns out to be glitter in my carpet from another unauthorized art project in the middle of my living room by my five year old, Yay, Art Supplies!

And on the flip side… when I’m glad it is just my diabetes… Like when I all of a sudden think I’m suffering an anxiety attack… and then realize it’s just my blood sugar? :+1:

Or when I suddenly feel so tired I don’t think I can take another step, and it’s only 9:00 in the morning… and then I realize it’s just my blood sugar. :star_struck:

Or when I’ve just sweat through my dress because it’s 96 degrees outside… but I can tell people it’s because of my low blood sugar and make them feel bad for thinking it was gross?? :wink:

Or do you not do that? :grin: