What is this feeling in my skin? It’s a diabetes thing, but that’s about as much as I’ve figured out

I used to only get it when my blood sugar went very high— like 400 or 500 kind of high— so I thought of it as a symptom of severe hyperglycemia and just settled on that for years.
Then, when I started on the 670G, I did a brief stint with a very low carb diet. Never did a diet like this before, and I started to get the sensation at much lower numbers. I stopped associating it with high blood sugars and began thinking maybe it was about the rise. I checked for ketones one day and found I was spilling lots. With my diet being the way it was, it turns out I was spilling ketones all the time. I started to associate it with the spilling of ketones. Added carbs back into my diet, continued to get it when I was high, or rising, or low and rising… stopped testing for ketones. Stopped having any theories.

I have the sensation now. I definitely get it when my blood sugar is swinging? When I’ve had carbs maybe??? I used to think it was an indicator that I needed to do something, but I honestly am not so sure of any of it any more. It’s not painful, but it’s also not very comfortable, and it is the most pronounced in my wrists and forearms, lower legs, and maybe head, but it’s present all over.

Does anyone have any idea what this could be?? Or does anyone else get skin symptoms under certain conditions??

If not, it’s back to the drawing board. :roll_eyes:

@Nickyghaleb can you describe t he symptoms? Itchy, burning, pins an needles, buzzing, weird sensations WHEN you press on the area?

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Awww, thanks for coming, @elver. :hugs: So it has nothing to do with pressing it. And it’s not on my skin but in my skin… if that makes sense? It’s not itchy, doesn’t burn, no pins and needles… It can feel like a tingling maybe? And almost like my skin is being stretched.

I can go through my day and never feel it, but I rarely go more than a couple of days without it. I’ve had the sensation for many years and don’t remember ever having it before developing diabetes. I really did think it had to do with a high blood sugar as I remember getting it with those really severe highs, but that’s not the only time. However, I do still think that it would be more pronounced the more severe the high or the faster the rise. Which completely contradicts my last theory that it’s not only associated with those two things— but welcome to my world. :roll_eyes:

I have always assumed all diabetics get this, but… maybe not. :grimacing:

@Nickyghaleb you might be experiencing ear8signs of neuropathy. Ice packs will help to calm the nerves down if it is. Usual protocol R-I-C-E, especially the vowels.

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I do have neuropathy… I guess I just never thought… Hmmm. Not sure why I never thought it could have anything to do with that. :thinking:

Well, I see the neurologist again in about a month and a half. I’ll definitely ask him! Thank you for taking the time to try to figure it out, @elver! I appreciate it. :hugs: Jow are you doing?? How’s the recovery going?

Thx for asking… The second knee which was less damaged is more painful. I currently have the same range of motion in both knees. Sleeping however has been a challenge.


Your symptoms gave me the same idea.

I have minor neuropathy, worsened after having chemo. Took gabapentin for a while and weaned off it. But occasionally still get some of the symptoms you described.


I get why this is a possibility… but I have neuropathy as well, and I know the zaps. I know the numbness and tingling and all of it. I just can’t believe that with how it seems tied into my blood sugar, that it could be neuropathy. It’s interesting. Its avtrgular part of my existence, and I thought asking here would reveal something. Maybe it’s juat neuropathy though. Oh well.

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It’s not some sort of food sensitivity is it? (I reread your post and think the answer would be no…) but since no one else knows…I figured I would offer this suggestion.

Maybe you’re just really aware of your own circulatory patterns?

I’m sorry I don’t have a good answer for you. :frowning:


@Nickyghaleb you should be consulting Dr @Eric for this! Especially as it will eventually affect your running. :roll_eyes:. Hope you are feeling better…


@elver, I’m feeling just fine. :hugs: I’ve had so many long time mysteries be solved in here, I just got to thinking this would be another. No such luck this time. :grin: I really didn’t need an answer though… It’s just a thing. :yum:

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You guys are so frickin sweet. You know when you’re this sweet, it makes me want to come back and report on everything I have going on, right? :laughing:

Food sensitivities… that’s a good thought. Honestly, it’s as good a thought as that it has to do with my blood sugar. Carbs?? Carbs at a certain amount??

I have it right now. In the back of my right hand… and I was borderline low for sometime, and then I had… a lot of carbs. ?? I thought it had to do with the change in blood sugar or in the rise, which I’m sure I’m well on my way now, but maybe it’s the carbs…

See, I said I didn’t need an answer and yet I continue to consider it all out loud. Maybe I should put this energy into making sure my blood sugar is right. :grin:


It might just be high BG. I focused on the stretched feeling, because it’s more unusual than tingling, which can be associated with a million benign things. I found this blog discussion of what high feels like, where one person says, “I feel a weird tightness or pressure, as if my skin has become too small for my body,” and someone replies, “That’s how I describe it to my doc. My skin growing too tight!” (Unless you wrote one of those yourself, as Patti or boni dutch.:laughing:)

On another website, someone says, “Yes, itchy, tight skin. I think it’s the dehydration.” So maybe drink lots of water next time you know you’re trending higher, or as soon as you feel those symptoms, and see if that has any effect.

Anyway, in a fairly comprehensive rundown of skin manifestations of diabetes, there was nothing that sounded similar.


I didn’t, but I think I know now who I need to see…

That’s a great idea. I know it’s not just a high blood sugar that causes it because I can get it at 60, but I still think it’s the rise… but it’s not crazy at all to suggest that dehydration might be another factor. Interesting idea. As a consumer of only coffee and Coke Zero, and, yes, I know that’s disgusting, I know how to do dehydration. I’ve been trying to drink more water anyway, so this will just give me some more motivation. I’ll go drink now. Thank you, @Beacher. :hugs:

Oh my goodness! Maybe that’s the feeling of coffee and Coke zero running through your veins?



Yes, I suppose that could be… but it just seems that the feeling of coffee and Coke Zero running through my veins would feel more fun. :thinking:

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It can’t be the coffee, that’s all I drink ( unless I’m diving, and then it’s water 24hr before to 24hr after).:grinning: