Bedrock Eats and Sweets in Memphis, TN

We stumbled across this (truly) little place on our way to my husband’s parents during our Christmas vacation. A dedicated gluten free restaurant (music to this celiac’s ears), I ate a ham and cheese waffle sandwich (its ham, eggs, and cheese on the menu, but I omitted eggs due to baby’s intolerance to them) - my non-gf husband said they were the best waffles he’d ever had. I used Afrezza, and I didn’t have much of a rise at all. The waffles are almond flour based, which is always kinder to my BG (though if you eat the chicken and waffles, which I might’ve sampled on our way back through, wellll, haha, that’s a different story). If you’re in Memphis or passing through, especially if you’re GF (but can have dairy), check them out!


Is it because the chicken is breaded?

Partially, though it’s not not breaded in the traditional chicken and waffles way - I think they use a starch, probably arrowroot flour. But they also coat it in a maple glaze, and the waffle, too. :yum: