Banza chickpea rotini

A friend of mine, whose husband eats GF, found this on Amazon and we tried it last night. A 2-oz serving (dry) has 32 g carbs, 16 g fiber, and 14 g protein. I didn’t spike at all from the carbs, didn’t measure my portion, and had seconds! I will probably eat another portion under more controlled conditions and see how it goes.

FYI This product really foams up during cooking so I am am glad I used a bigger pot with lots of water.

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We’ve tried this. For us, whole wheat pasta causes less of a spike, but obviously for those who are GF this would be a really good option.

Same. Only whole wheat and whole grain for Liam.

Thank you for sharing! I’ve seen this one, but haven’t tried it yet. How does it compare to other gf pastas? Tried the lentil one recently, and it was kind of thick and chewy for me (even though cooked through).

My GF husband and I both thought it had good texture and a mire typical pasta-like flavor. I cooked it al dente and it held together well when mixed into the casserole. I think it might make a nice pasta salad for this reason.

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Awesome! So far I’ve only found pastas that turn to mush in casseroles/pasta salads or that hold up in casseroles, but then get unpleasantly dried out in pasta salads.