Artificial pancreas to be tested on 100 patients

This probably won’t make international headlines, but I think this is quite cool. A Dutch company is going to test a dual-hormone (insulin/glucagon) artificial pancreas on 100 T1D patients. They have done small trials before. Apparently those were successful. The inventor has been using one for two years. Unfortunately I’m not eligible to participate, but I will keep an eye on this project.


Very cool.


The full press release is not in English. Does anyone know the BG targets it uses for injecting glucagon?


BTW, I am sure all of these dual hormonal pumps (this one and all the future ones) will have an exercise mode used for glucagon injection for exercise.

I have tried glucagon during exercise. I used a pod filled with glucagon, and used a 2nd PDM to inject the glucagon. Lemme tell you, it sucks! Your liver responds to glucagon by doing things that do not help your athletic performance!

At some point, I would like to detail my research and my personal testing with that!


I would imagine it is like the wall when running marathons when you go anaerobic too early and bonk. Maybe you need a dual reservoir pump with the second reservoir pushing glucose directly into your blood stream.


That’s one of the things I’ve been trying to find out, but that info is not publicly available.