Article about the ADA promoting Sucralose overload?

Implantable pumps are the answer! Minimed had one until Medtronic killed it.
Glucose sensitive insulin would also be cool.


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Thanks @ arnolfo for your post it’s given me some food for thought “unsweetened of course” :wink:

Ever think about making it yourself? Maybe just with fruits for sweetness… yeah me neither :grin:

Been lucky to travel just a bit. it’s not just the UK that thinks that everywhere I have been thinks we eat to much sugar & to much fat.


Americans eat to much bleached & processed foods that are just no good for us. Raw sugar & less processed foods is the way to go

I try to stay away from artificial sweeteners. if I am having Ice Tea I will have it unsweetened with a slice of Lemon but if I want to make something that has to have sugar I use the real deal. raw & unprocessed.

I do have a confession I do drink a boat load <that clean up nicely) of diet sodas. I have to have my daily caffeine intake or I will go through withdrawal, Guess I could drink ice coffee but then you guessed it I would have to put sugar in it :scream: