Apple Watch 3 and Dexcom

Hi Everyone. Does anyone have the new Apple Watch 3 and use it with Dexcom? Are there any reasons to upgrade from my Apple Watch 1 ? Is it faster?


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We have the Series 2 (displaying CGM data from G5 dex) and very happy with it. At this point in time, there are no benefits related to Dexcom on the Series 3 that I am aware of. In the future - yes - but currently - no.

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To your question, It is my understanding that although the 3 has better OS, Battery life, display among other things, if you don’t need LTE connectivity or a GPS for fitness tracking, there really isn’t anything added by the 3 that you don’t already have in the 1 or the 2 series.

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I am going to get series 3, however for me, until direct communication is enabled between watch and transmitter there is really no reason to get it. I have a series 2 now and would very much like to leave my iPhone behind in many situations but I need the phone to get my Dex numbers.

Oh and yes, huge speed upgrade from s1 Apple Watch. You can get the s3 without LTE.

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Any word on whether the Apple Watch 3 will be able to Share data after receiving? THAT’S what we’re really hoping for in addition to connecting direct to transmitter. Would be so nice to let my daughter keep her phone in her backpack at school and wear her watch that transmits her number back to us. Seems so easy, but FDA…

Hi @rondeb17.
What grade is your daughter in now? Does she wear a watch or just use her phone to see her numbers?
My daughter has the Apple watch (series 2) even though it still requires the iPhone to relay the signal. But she finds it much easier (and less distracting) during school to be able to glance at her wrist watch rather then pulling the phone out to look at it.

I would expect what you describe to be the functionality available however until Dexcom actually releases the software it is all speculation. Still, it would be quite surprising NOT to have share available on the series 3 watch when used as a direct connect.

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My daughter is 7 in 2nd grade. It is attractive to have her be able to glance at the watch for numbers, but not sure I want her feeling she has to check all the time. Right now we keep watch, remotely, and let the school staff know when things need addressing. Plus, for recess and or non-classroom activities she would still need her phone at this point. Do you find the Apple Watch 2 responsive enough for quick checks?

I am not sure what you mean by responsive. But I think “yes” ?
Mine is older but still in school. She self-manages entirely at school - the teachers are not involved. The nurse is available if there is a problem.
I expect you will get a big change in the amount your daughter takes on over the next 2~3 years.
How long since her diagnosis?

Thanks. By “responsive” I was referring to my Apple Watch 1 which takes some time to update when I’m checking her number. In any case, thank you. She was diagnosed at 22 months old, so it’s been awhile. We’re very lucky that she’s very in touch with how she feels highs and lows and she does self manage quite a bit already, just love for her not to have the phone strapped to her all day long. We do love Dexcom and just hope the Sharing happens very soon!

I can check with my daughter in terms of the responsiveness of the watch (Series 2).
But from what I can see (I never wear her watch) when she flicks her wrist, a cgm number is instantly available to be seen with no delay. However the number which is there could be a minute out of date from the phone. Of course the Dex only updates every 5 mins but when the phone gets a new data point, it might take a minute to send to the watch during which time the watch continues to display the previous data point. So the watch is always immediately responsive however it may be showing a data point which is outdated from the phone by a minute (or so - I can check on the timing).

Being able to feel the lows is certainly a big deal. Our Endo works with kids who can not feel the lows and that sounds so much harder to manage.

So you mentioned that your watch takes time to update when you are checking her number. I am actually unclear how that works. ie - the Transmitter on your daughter and the Apple watch on you (the parent).

We also have a series 2, and the watch is caught up almost all of the time. It works really well for school, where the teachers take phones away from most kids, and sometimes forget that mine is allowed his phone at all times. My son probably monitors a couple of times an hour, we only surprise him once a week or so, with a text that he is out of range when he doesn’t already know.

I get her numbers transmitted to my phone which, in turn, sends to my watch. Probably part of the delay on my end as well. Since my daughter is only 7, we keep a close watch at all times while at school, and the school has been wonderful in helping out whenever we call. The Apple Watch 3’s cellular ability could potentially be huge for parents and kids alike. My daughter would keep a phone in her backpack, but always have the Watch on while in other parts of the school etc. and still transmit data to the cloud for us to see. Seems fairly straightforward, but I’m sure FDA has to clear this. Also, do you know if the Dexcom CGM can transmit directly to the iPhone yet? Haven’t been clear on whether this is so or not. Obviously, this would be required for my needs as well.

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lol - That makes more sense. I was picturing her phone going directly to your watch and couldn’t figure that one out.
ha ha ha
I use an old Samsung tablet for my follow. It really is very cool technology.

I believe you are right that the FDA will need to approve the software. Depending on what functionality is included in the Dexcom Watch software, it could be a lot involved. I think a lot will come down to whether the watch is an auxiliary display device with either the Receiver or the Phone still being the main device or whether the watch software is designed to allow the watch to run everything by itself without requiring either the receiver or a phone.

I am confused on your last question:
"Also, do you know if the Dexcom CGM can transmit directly to the iPhone yet?"
Is that not what you are doing now? Although I assumed you were running the Dexcom G5. But perhaps you are using the Dexcom G4 with the Share Receiver?

Sorry, I meant “can the CGM transmit directly to the Apple Watch.” Obviously can to the iPhone. lol. We use G5 btw.

Not if you are using Dexcom provided software. Sticking with Dexcom supported solutions, this is waiting on Dexcom to release the software for the watch as discussed.

I wouldn’t be shocked if the G6 is released before the Watch software is released.

Perhaps. I have heard Dexcom is waiting on FDA for approval for direct transmission to the Watch, but only rumor and I wasn’t sure if I had heard old news and it was already happening. My kid may still get a nice Apple Watch 3 Christmas gift… :slight_smile:

Could be. But the Dex CEO is one chatty guy. I like listening to his talks cause he seems to give out way more information than top executives from other companies. I have read of him talking about the cgm data direct to the Apple Watch in a fairly general sort and saying it would happen but the way he was talking (this past Summer 2017) definitely sounded like R&D was not completed - at that time at least. I haven’t heard him give any updates on it after that point.

I kinda liked the pricepoint of the Series 2.

My only “condition” on getting the watch (for my daughter) was that it was primarily to be used for cgm.
(which means the watch face HAS to display cgm data on the wrist flick)
What it gets used for as “secondary” purposes - is free for her to decide.
So far it is working out great for us.


Guess this step isn’t part of the FDA’s plan to fast-track some tech approvals? Phooey!

The FDA works on an alternate time reality. A normal submission/approval timeline could be years, so faster than years is still fast in FDA time. Also, In their defense, they do have a bunch of work to do on each submission, and when they get it wrong, bad things can happen and they take a lot of blame. So they work as diligently as they can, but when you are on the hook for blame people tend to be thorough which slows even routine things down.

It does really suck when you are waiting for something though.

The fast track program does not include Dexcom.
(Although it does include Verily)