Another study shows broad positive outcomes for Afrezza

This new study shows a broad set of positive outcomes for Afrezza patients:

Healio: Inhaled insulin improves glucose control in type 1 diabetes.

The small study (26 subjects) randomly assigned patient to an inhaled vs injection regimen, thereby removing self-selection bias.

Positive outcomes:

The researchers observed more time in range, lower glucose standard deviation and less time in hyperglycemia in the inhaled insulin-compliant group

Postprandial glucose levels differed the most between the two groups 60 to 90 minutes after a meal, with postprandial glucose levels increasing in the insulin aspart group during the first hour after a meal, and dropping to their lowest point for the inhaled insulin group,


I have had good success with Afrezza, but due to cost and no coverage by my insurance, I don’t use it regularly. But would use more often if cost was reasonable, relative to what I pay for Novolog in pump.

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Have you looked into all the discounts available and exhausted the avenues for prior auth with your insurance?

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Yes, I use the discount card, and lowest price found at Costco. It has steadily risen over the past years.

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