Free Trial of Afrezza

Just received an email from One Drop (the meter company) offering a trial of Afrezza. Here is the body of the email:

Hi Michael,

Want to try inhalable insulin? Know others who do?

We’re looking for people with type 2 diabetes to participate in the A-One, online research trial. All study participants get:
a FREE blood glucose meter & test strips
a FREE personal diabetes coach available 24/7
up to $120 (provided upon study completion)
Participants who are randomly assigned to Afrezza treatment also get:
**3-months of Afrezza inhalable insulin at no cost! **
Interested? Get started now.

Interesting partnership. If anyone is interested in this DM me your email address and I’ll forward on the message. Obviously, I’m not interested given the fact that I’ve been puffing since day 1.


I got this as well - I thought it was a fake email trying to get you to press the link as it looked so odd offering free insulin !

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Probably the kicker is specifically they are looking for Type 2 for their trial.

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