And just like that it appears to be back

First drop was 3 humalog before dinner
Ate 3 orange slices to counter to the low and then injected 2 humalog to counter the rising high
Was expecting the nornal nothing happens with the first injection and it would continue to rise had to inject several more but was feeling lucky
It dropped like a stone as it used to do - haven’t seen a drop like that in at least 3 wks
What did I do differently - I tightened up my eating to ensure I was keeping to the 6/13/13 a day carbs and 16/24/24 protein for at least 4 days as I was probably straying a little from this before and during my vacation and it seems like the insulin sentiviry has come back as fast as it went
Let’s see how it goes by reducing my insulin down again to stop the yo yo