An Endo Explains Diabetes Complications

Many years of scientific studies of both animals and humans have provided overwhelming evidence that the long-term adverse sequelae of diabetes are caused by elevated blood glucose (BG). A recent meta analysis of studies of over 95,000 individuals demonstrated that even within BG ranges generally considered normal, the risk of cardiovascular events increases exponentially with blood sugar. Elevated BG adversely affects every tissue of the body, with the possible exception of hair.…

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[Some Long-Term Sequelae Of Poorly Controlled Diabetes That Are Frequently Undiagnosed, Misdiagnosed or Mistreated (PDF)] ( by Richard K. Bernstein, MD


Thanks @britt_j for bringing to our attention this excellent article by Dr. Bernstein.

He seems to be one of the few physicians I know who actually look at endodontic infections and periodontitis as complicating factors in the control of diabetes.


Many thanks for sharing this resource

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