Short-term Peaks in Glucose Promote Renal Fibrogenesis Independently of Total Glucose Exposure

Short-term peaks in glucose promote renal fibrogenesis independently of total glucose exposure by Polhill, TS; APJ-Renal; August 2004

…In summary, this study provides evidence that short-term repeated exposure to high-glucose conditions amplifies the adverse cellular responses compared with cells exposed to the same glucose load or constantly high levels of glucose. These effects are shown to be mediated through both osmotically and nonosmotically induced mechanisms. These results are likely to have important implications for the monitoring and treatment strategies implemented in patients with diabetes mellitus.

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The experiment was done in-vitro.

This is one of few experiments I have read about that show glucose variability potentially affecting health outcomes. Most studies look at A1c. But I am not very well read.

I suspect complications are a combination of variability + genetic susceptibility.


Dr Ponder believes that short term variability does not matter

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