Alzheimer's Disease Is Type 3 Diabetes–Evidence Reviewed

Here is an interesting article that I want to share with the group The last sentence is quite interesting:

" Some of the most relevant data supporting this concept have emerged from clinical studies demonstrating cognitive improvement and/or stabilization of cognitive impairment in subjects with early AD following treatment with intranasal insulin or a PPAR agonist."

Is intranasal insulin something new? I’m aware of Afreeza and some folks here do use Afreeza.

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I’m not aware of intranasal use of Afrezza.

I don’t mean to say that Afreeza is used intranasally. I’m asking if there is a new type of insulin for intranasal administration commercially available. Anyone?

I am at a loss, but I did find this with a quick search:

Apparently, you buy the OTC stuff from Walmart and mix it with nasal spray, and go to town. On another article they said they were using Humalog in the study. So I guess it works with any insulin.


Wow!? Here’s what I took away from the article:

"So, if you’re healthy and want to improve your memory, if you want to melt away extra pounds away, or if you’re struggling with cognitive impairment or memory issues, intranasal insulin has enormous potential to improve your mental function."

But it does not address intranasal use of insulin for managing BG for diabetics.

I did a quick search and found this: Early intranasal insulin therapy halts progression of neurodegeneration: progress in Alzheimer’s disease therapeutics

So far, this is the only article I’ve come across for intranasal insulin for diabetes management.

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Seems a little crazy to me.

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