Always learning - Diluting Insulin

@Nora 's post about insulin treatment for her dog brought up the idea of diluting insulin, which after 42 years, I have never heard of before.

Can someone fill me in on the basics please? TY


Ask and you shall receive:


The short answer, is you dilute to be able to micro-dose with pens or syringes so that you can deliver sub 1/2 unit doses like a pump does without pumping. This can be useful if you are having to eat solely because you are injecting too much insulin or not treating highs because you would need to eat after the treatment. It really gives you fine control, like if you need 5.2 units. You inject 5 units from your undiluted source and the 0.2 from your diluted source. It is also useful in some exercise scenarios and for small children that need really small amounts of insulin.


Thank you! I’m sorry I always forget to check and see if there are posts on topic already. Sorry for being so lazy!


Please don’t worry about that at all. You did a nice service, which brings the subject up to the top of the page for newer users that are only reading our site rather than participating. We absolutely don’t want this to become a museum of information with no interaction. Since I am not a T1, one of the things I do to make myself useful around this place is search and find topics of interest to keep a conversation going. Keep it up!