Afrezza units: use more or less than Novolog?

If I switched to Afrezza, would I end up using more units or less units than the amount of Novolog I use everyday? How much more or less?

I would like to switch bec it’s a lot faster but I may not be able to if I’m too young.

Not sure if this will help, but it is a dosing guideline chart from Dr. Jeremy Pettus. It came from this presentation, which is very informative:


So, you should assume that you would use 2x as many Units of Afrezza as you use Novolog or Humalog during a month?

I have not tracked this and 2x seems like a lot, but again, not 100% sure.

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It would depend a lot on your diet I think… if you eat a lot of relatively simple carbs and moderate protein and fat (like the food pyramid / ADA diet) I’m not sure if there would be much difference. If you eat a higher protein and higher fat diet you may need appreciably more afrezza, even 2x wouldn’t surprise me, because it’s duration is so short and protein + fat tremendously slow the metabolization of carbohydrates + glucose metabolization of their own…


I don’t eat a lot of carbs, although I am not low carb. I eat about 150 carbs a day. So I eat a lot of protein and fat.

Carb up, K!

Carbohydrate Requirements
"The recommended daily carbohydrate intake for athletes ranges from 6-10 g/kg body weight. "

Note, that number :arrow_up: is grams per kilogram.

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Eric, I eat more carbs every time I have a practice.

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@Sam, did you by any chance notice the x factor for your own diet when you switched to Afrezza from injectable?

Honestly I pretty much just followed the dose instructions at first, e.g. Substituting a 4u cartridge for anywhere from 1-4u of novolog etc, and then as I learned just tweaked to optimize it with experience. For me, I quickly determined that timing was far more critical than dose amount…


Currently it’s only FDA approved for adults. I didn’t have diabetes as a teenager, but I truly think it would have been a godsend if I had. Teenagers generally aren’t willing or able due to the typical lifestyle and social pressures of being a teenager to effectively plan out every single thing they’re going to eat and precisely dose for it significantly before eating it— that’s just not very realistic at that age-- but with afrezza they’d be able to eat much more spontaneously, with their friends etc and then dose shortly afterward and that added spontaneity would be a huge deal at that age I’d think…

But as I mentioned it’s not yet approved for teens… although if I had a teenager with that issue who had less than perfect control with liquid or who felt burdened by it psychologically, I would be seeking out a doctor who’d prescribe it anyway

Yeah, we are going to push for it next year in our teenager, but I am already imagining the fight we will have with our insurer…Its going to be interesting.

I’m sure, like with most meds, they have discount programs etc for people whose insurance won’t cover it

@cynthia_rogers can probably explain he discount cards and whatnot that are available to patients or @DuckFiabetes

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