Afreeza and lung issues

I have a an endo visit coming up and I’m thinking about bringing up Afreeza.

I have concerns about my ability to actually use it. I have breathing issues, although I have not been labeled as having asthma I have been described as borderline. Breathing problems are not an issue for me until allergy season starts when I can find myself with a mild wheezing cough or with an occasional bout of bronchitis. This leads me to believe that I am not a good candidate but when I read of the success many people have it makes me want to try.

Would I be wasting my time if I gave it a shot?

If I was a doctor and my patient said they wanted to use Afreeza but they were concerned as they sometimes have breathing issues, I can not see myself (as a doctor) ever writing a prescription for that patient.

That would sound like a medical malpractice suit begging to be had.

The question for me is can Afreeza cause permanent lung damage. I have not read that it can, if not why would it hurt to try.

Has it been in use long enough and in people with breathing problems for them to have good data on that though? My understanding is that it’s generally contraindicated for people with breathing problems, so wouldn’t that prevent data from being gathered on the effects of long term use in that population?

Per the FDA: Acute bronchospasm has been observed in patients with asthma and COPD using AFREZZA.

If you can get a doctor to write a prescription and if you are comfortable with the risks then that is a personal decision.

Exactly. If you don’t have diagnosed chronic asthma and/or COPD you’re in the clear.

Ps-- the FDA expert committee didn’t even recommend it be counter-indicated for those who do. Statistically Introducing far higher risks to your health by not exercising every day than by taking an approved medication as directed

For what it’s worth, I have mild asthma, with an FVC declining a little more than age would account for. I’ve discussed Afrezza with my CDE and my respirologist. (It’s not in Canada yet, so neither was intimate with it.) The CDE agrees with me that it would be unwise to use Afrezza as the primary insulin, but it would have value for occasional rapid correction of stubborn or extreme highs. The respirologist didn’t think using it that way would be a problem, but did suggest that, once I start using it, I get spirometry testing once a month for five or six months to determine whether there’s any negative effect.


I suggest you start with asking endo for samples and try that first. If it works for you, and not causing problems with lungs or breathing, then ask for RX.
At that point, endo may want to do the spirometry test before prescribing.

I pay out of pocket, with savings card. Even if covered, I think I would still use it occasionally, which currently means 90 doses every 3-4 months, 4 units. I use to supplement pump bolus for higher carb meals, and corrections.

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EH had been using Afrezza for a while now. Tested fine in the office with the breathing test and has no known lung issues. When he was sick recently with a chest cold, he didn’t use it, just to be safe. And recently at a new endo office the NP said she didn’t think it would be a problem or more risky to use it after running. We were curious if it would be an issue because your lungs are very active at that point, after having run many miles, but she said she didn’t think it would be an issue. Again this is one person, but I thought I throw it in there as a data point.

I guess what I was trying to say is, maybe it makes sense on occasion, when you aren’t having allergies.

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