Advice on new hands-free cellphone law

My state just passed a law that cellphones used while driving must be totally hands-free.

Drivers cannot have an electronic device in their hands. The law also prohibits putting a phone in the lap or any part of the body to support it.


There is this exception:

So, if I have the Dexcom app running on my phone, I assume I can look at that on occasion, right? Does that seem reasonable?

Might be useful for me to print out the law and keep it in the car with me, just in case Barney doesn’t know the exceptions

Any other advice on this?


I think you would likely be able to make the case that you were looking at your Dexcom as long as there also doesn’t exist text or email time stamps from the time you were driving. Yes, I would print out the law, but I wouldn’t expect that a cop would not write the ticket, I would expect that in court you could get the ticket dismissed, which is a significant time hassle. Also, if the cop wants, he could always just write you up for distracted driving using one of the many other ticket-able offenses available to him/her.

And yes, I think checking your dex while driving, is both reasonable and prudent.

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My intent is not to flout the law and txt and drive. But I want to be able to do pump stuff and Dex stuff without being ticketed.

When I’m pulled over, I’ll have to show the law to the copper. And show him it’s a pump or whatever. So I’m thinking that having a printout of the official law will be helpful.

I don’t think distracted will be a problem. A guy got a ticket in my state recently for distracted because he was eating. And the judge threw it out and made a big ruckus about it, embarrassed the cop for overreaching on it.

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Yes, I think you would be well within the law to do everything you said, but I also know that many municipalities do well with the traffic fine money they receive. I have been amazed as of late, as they always have a way to dismiss the ticket assuming you pay the fine, and pay more for the online class the teach you to be a safer driver. Then rinse and repeat.


Here is what I do in CA which has a no text and drive law:

  • Stick velcro back to back of phone case

  • Stick velcro front to middle of steering wheel

  • Stick phone w velcro to steering wheel when driving

Et voila :slight_smile:


While that works great for getting around the legal issues, what do you do if the steering wheel airbag goes off. Seems like you might be one of the first people to get a phone implanted in them.


My wife thinks I would probably look better that way.


@Eric There are some states in Western US with same or similar cell phone laws. In my experience once the initial crack down has been enforced, everyone goes right back to doing what they did before - even law enforcement. I regularly see cops, firemen, trash guys, etc holding and speaking on their phones while driving. I made my spouse take a pic of one of the cops talking and driving with no lights/sirens just in case I have to go to court one day. Excluding any medical need, my response will be that the enforcers are just as bad as the public and therefore the law is not currently enforceable with any equality. If that doesn’t work, I 'll use the medical need/Dexcom approach.


One of the nice things xDrip+ does for me is announce my Bg every five minutes through my car speakers. I just set up a tasker routine to turn it on every time Android Auto starts, which is every time I get into the car. Then it announces through my car connection. No hands!


very clever of you :wink:

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