Abnormal readings

I’m not complaining but the past two days, this is what Liam’s BGa have looked like. He’s eating the same foods he always does, he’s being bolused the same and all other variables are the same, the best that I can tell, but he’s not spiking at all where he would usually go up to 250 or so for a brief moment.

Any ideas on what could be causing the supposed BGs?


Are you confirming with meter readings?

Sometimes, we just have really good periods! Chalk it up to your hard work. I had one lasting almost a week recently. Enjoy it while it lasts (mine ended yesterday)!


Maybe a better site that is absorbing better? There is some variability in sites. A little closer to muscle that moves a bit more will speed absorption, compared to an area that is just fat tissue and is not as active.

Or more activity? Playing a little harder?

Or just a bit of a stress relief from getting your power back. Good emotions can make it all work better.

A lot of things can enter into the picture, beside insulin and carbs.


I definitely think site issues play a role with Samson. Also, this may not apply to Liam, but we find Samson only has a few periods of time where he’s not growing, actively sick, getting sick, or recovering from being sick. To us those time periods are “normal” – but in reality this leads to lots more variability in terms of what his body is doing on any given day.


We have had periods of up to a week like that. They are spooky and really nice, but then the storm returns. Enjoy it!


Same here. Maybe the stars are aligned? Or we get a little bit of beta cell secretions going? Great feeling while it lasts!


Did you get your power back on? Maybe it’s related :grinning: