How's YOUR day going?!?!


Some days are just INSANE…like, every move made is wrong and nonstop MASSIVE roller coasters happen. Glad these aren’t every day…if they were, not sure how I would stay sane.


Sorry, dude. I hate those days!!


I just wish it were happening in MY body.


So glad Liam has two parents who want the very best for him.

Some days my best efforts don’t get the results I’d hoped for but that’s my life! :smirk:


You’re a great dad.

Unsolicited feedback warning: Whenever my CGM looks like that, it usually corresponds with my basal being too high.


@Millz, #jealousofyourbadday


If it is any consolation, usually after a couple of days like that, we get the flat line for a day or two. Something to look forward to?


This is also true for us…when there’s a pattern. This doesn’t happen often for us so changing would result in the other (majority) of the time looking like this instead of visa versa. We’re seeing a lot more crazy stuff lately, though…so we may be moving into a different stage of his life/diabetes that may actually be telling us to start considering testing / adjusting again soon.


I hope I’m not coming across as judgmental/all-knowing/etc. I’ve been on a quest to recognize CGM patterns for myself and get to the most likely culprit asap. In this sort of pinball situation, to help it short term I turn down my basal 5-10%, ease up on meal/correction boluses, and hope for the best.

I hope you guys don’t have to ride the rollercoaster much longer! I know you’re doing the best job anyone can with this chaos!


The most frustrating thing about these days is that so much work is done to try and bring down the “Very Low” percentage as well as the overall glucose level but days like this push up both of these. You can have a week or two of solid numbers and it can all be thrown away with days like these.


Well at least you didn’t have a (govt) shutdown or market crash !


lol. Yeah, I’m not even going there…


I’m having the same sort of day…

I agree. I’m in the process of increasingly my basal a lot… 12 units in the past couple days and likely more to come… And then the trick will be reversing it all when that increased basal ins’t needed anymore.


Of course, but as this isn’t an option, I’d just like to say you’re doing the next best thing by paying such close attention to what’s happening in his. Those days suck. I hope you have some easier ones coming.


My Christmas wish for you and Liam is a string of peaceful nights! :mrs_claus:t2: