A1c 2024

I got an A1C of 6.9! I am sooooo proud of this. I haven’t been in the 6s since IDK when. I can only go back as far as 2017 and it was in the 9s 10s for years. The last 2 before this 6.9 were both were 7.0.

Only test I have out of range this time is total bilirubin. It’s 28. I looked back and it’s been on and off high for years (highest 33). It looks like it goes from high to normal, sometimes days apart (I can see this from the bloodwork from hospital stays).

I’ll ask my Endo about this, but I’m curious why it’s never been brought to my attention before ever–not by my GP, Endo nor the hospital doctors over the years.

As for working on improving total bilirubin, not sure what I can do. I already don’t drink or smoke. I live a fairly healthy lifestyle, but do have a lot of stress and struggle with eating well on and off. I do take Advil during my period, but I’m trying a new thing, which is taking the pill for 3 months strait (no break for period) then having a period for a week, then repeating. The intention of this is to raise my iron levels, which are always really low. Maybe this will help me eliminate the Advil (except that one week every 3 months, because the periods are excruciating for me).

Anyhow, back to celebrating being in the 6s!! WOO HOO!!


I’m assuming you mean 2.8 & 3.3? Even those are very high. If you can get it covered, you might want to see a liver doctor, preferably one that has a portable ultrasound in-house. (My liver function blood work was fixed by lowering the statin I was on)

Congrats on the A1C! :tada:


No, I meant 28. Here is the line from my report:

Total Bilirubin (Abnormal) 28 (Reference Range: <17umol/L)

I’ve also included the screenshot of ranges over the years.

I can’t believe this has never been brought up in appointments ever?

Thank you for the Congrats!

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Ok, so, yeah, your 28 is the same as 2.8, just different way of referencing. If your other liver function tests are normal, its probable that your high/fluctuating numbers are from birth control, dehydration, use of NSAIDS, and stress. Also, if you’ve been fasting or menstruating recently. Probably nothing to get panicked about, if your dr hasn’t been overly concerned.
I’d still have a liver dr’s advice, if I were you. The liver can be very finicky.


I think these are the other liver tests? They are all normal.

I’ve never heard of birth control having effects on liver. I will look into that! I’m bad with staying hydrated, and I have a lot of stress in my life, but there’s only so much I can do there.

Appreciate your replies!


I’m just going through what I remember my liver dr asking me when I had abnormal tests. Nothing ended up being wrong with my liver, it just took a little time to rule out what was causing abnormal tests. Dehydration is a key factor, it may explain your fluctuating results on bilirubin. I’m not saying that birth control is bad for the liver, just that it can temporarily elevate bilirubin. Your other numbers look good, so I wouldn’t worry too much, just try to stay hydrated!

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Ah, thank you!

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My bilirubin has been mildly elevated (1.6-2.1) for years, doesn’t seem to matter whether I’m hydrated or not, whether I’ve had a drink that year or not, or much of anything else. I don’t have any other overt symptoms of liver disease so my docs have just shrugged at it. Getting a consult couldn’t hurt, but sometimes these things are just flukes.


Congrats @jo_jo!! Always good to hear of someone achieving a goal! Keep up the good work! :partying_face::partying_face: