A vent since I don't think there's a vent thread?

Alright. So my primary care provider was dropped by my new medicaid plan, suddenly, without me knowing until I got my second (:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: ) incorrect card …the rep called my doc and said he’s no longer on the plan.
So a lot of bad news:
I have to hassle with changing medicaid plans, I don’t trust this one at all they keep changing crap around wrong.

I have the 2nd time of losing a doctor I liked since I lost my endo when I switched over to medicaid from private insurance.

My plans to get my contour next strips covered is trashed because I’ve gotta change plans :frowning:

More delay on getting more insulin. I have like like…11 admelog pens and 6 basaglar pens…that’ll last a while but with how the medicaid stuff works here it’s really slow so I’m worried.

More delay on my 5 years of diabetes eye exam.

I don’t know if I really should pick a new plan when this one covers sooo much and every single other one I look at does not cover as much??? :frowning:

My fiance is also impacted and I can’t find out if we’ve made progress on fixing his high cholesterol. Heck, they put a pediatrician on his card??? It’s NUTS

I really don’t wanna switch plans but I think I’m gonna have to, anyone else been through something like this? D:

edit changed doctors, now to find out other info. found out my insulin’s still covered as pen form, had doctors changed over.

This serves as my update to my while back ago post about my extreme hypo still too as this is delaying me getting to an endo and getting a libre /dexcom.


@Sensorium139, what a bummer:( It seems that your first priority is to get to a doc and an updated prescription, that’s key. The rest can wait a bit longer.

Sorry I can’t help you on plans :frowning: Hopefully others can.

Sorry you have been having so many issues. We have had to change insurance 3 times in the last 5 years and it is never an easy process. Hang in there, and as Michel says, get the insulin scrip first.

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