A little menu "hack" you can use at IHOP or Denny's

Here is a little menu “hack” you can use at International House of Pancakes (IHOP) or Denny’s. It surprised the people at my table tonight.

The waiter took everyone’s order and when it was my turn, I ordered one of the egg plates. And then I surprised everyone when I asked for it to be made with real eggs.

The waiter’s answer shocked everyone. “Yes sir, we can make that with shell eggs for you if you would like.”

Everyone was confused - WHAT? You have to ask for REAL eggs?!?

Yes, at Denny’s or IHOP, they use the egg mix, powdered eggs, or processed egg stuff they buy in canisters. But if you ask for real eggs at either of those restaurants, they are happy to oblige, and at no additional cost.

Anyway, not really diabetes related, but just some info to share. Now you know!


What happens if you ask for real bacon?

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They use real bacon. Not that turkey “bacon” that is a travesty!


Freaking hilarious. Or maybe sad. Not sure…


Wow, the fascinating things you learn on FUD! I’ve eaten at both places many times and had zero clue of this. Thanks for the info! I’ll make sure I ask for REAL EGGS from now on for my family!


It is not true that IHOP uses powdered eggs or any derivative. They use whole eggs for some items and pre shelled eggs for others. Pre-shelled eggs have no impact on quality or nutrition.

Based on the conversation provided, the server did not confirm the use of powdered eggs. It seems to me like they were merely trying to accommodate the guest and assumed the reference to “real eggs” was to an egg still in its’ shell.

Not only that, they put a little bit of pancake batter in their fake eggs to make them more fluffy.