A day below 100

A day below 100. The lows weren’t really that low, I was functional all day. I can live with a flat 65 all day long. Plus, the Dex likes to exageratte the lows a little bit.

This is the reason I leave the Dex at home on Endo visits. “Oh, I’m sorry! I forgot to bring it!” They would freak if they saw something like this.

So, only 89 more days in a row like this, and I’ll have a pretty decent A1C. :wink:


What did you eat?

Grilled cheese sandwich, sausage-stuffed mushrooms, mozzarella sticks, pasta fagioli (pasta and bean soup), mussels marinara, fettuccine alfredo, some wine and beer.

And strawberry milk, cinnamon roll, and OJ for low corrections a couple of times.

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Lol your average is about 40… I can do that if I take way too much insulin and run a marathon too

No, I was hovering between 65-75 most of the day. The Dex is foolish about saying I am low. I wouldn’t hang out at 45 all day.

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Here are the meter numbers for the day.

54, 69, 71, 72, 98, 62, 58, 59, 74, 88, 93, 90, 63, 69, 57, 97, 74

I slept late so I’m not sure what I was real early in the morning.


@Eric So, Eric, are you the guy who I see all over the internet who says he can reverse diabetes? Fess up.

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I can confirm that - why else would I have kale as profile pic? :wink:

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And was this a post-marathon day?

Loved your food inventory!

No, my last one was in March. I am not running another marathon until the fall.

Yesterday’s food was just some “maintenance”. Trying to fill the tank a little bit.

Just to show everyone that some of us are not as superhuman as @Eric, here is a day Above 100. Nothing below 100, and still a pretty flat line with good control.

Blue line is 100. Orange line is 140.


That looks great doc!

You are on MDI, right? You enter all the dosing numbers manually on your phone and it puts them on the graph?

Yes. All treatment gets entered manually. I’m pretty good about getting everything in there. If I don’t have my phone handy I can enter treatment on my watch too.

And it’s ok. It’s just not as good as yours:

It’s all good. You have an impressive line there.

And you won’t get mocked by Sam for yours.

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I just have to aim for higher averages… ANY documented hypoglycemia and I could have potential major career consequences, so I avoid it completely… but my Dexcom still shows an average of about 90 over the last 90 days that I use it and a SD hovering around 20. Here’s my 90 day average line (I only used the cgm about half of the last 90 days though)


Everyone just has to find the best zone for them. I am much more comfortable in the 60’s than many people, but when I get to 150 I don’t feel as good. I think it’s just a personal thing for everyone.

@Sam That. Is. AWESOME!

I’m perfectly comfortable in the 60s too and would rather be there than 150s… I just don’t think I’d be able to insist my doc sign off that there’s zero likelihood of impairment due to hypoglycemia while doing my job with trend lines appearing as low as the one you just posted… I shoot for 0% of time below 60 and <5% above 140

Well, like I said above:

The idea that below 70 is a hypo seems wacky to me.

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The idea that any number below 70 is hypo is absolutely silly… a real hypo is when low blood sugar causes the person to experience symptoms of low blood sugar, regardless of the number. Some people have hypo symptoms at 100. Some don’t clear into the 40s.