60+ Years With T1D in 2008


The American Diabetes Association was created in 1940, five years before my diagnosis. The ADA magazine, Diabetes Forecast, began in 1948. In October, 2008 the magazine celebrated its 60’th anniversary. There was a search that year for people who had lived with type 1 diabetes for 60 years, or more. Eleven people were chosen, and I was one of them. The October issue had an article with stories and pictures for those individuals. A photographer came to my house in NY in August of that year. The pictures he took appear in the magazine. (See below.)

The most impressive individual in the article was William Rounds (1922-2010). William was diagnosed with diabetes in 1923, only 2 years after insulin was discovered. He was T1 for 87 years the year he died. He attended the Joslin Medalist meeting in Boston in 2009. I did not attend that year, but I wish I had. My first time attending the Medalist meetings was 2011, the year after William died. William’s picture appeared on the cover of the Diabetes Forecast in the October, 2008 issue. (See below).

The link below shows the article with pictures and stories about the eleven individuals chosen for that issue. The stories appear in a jumbled arrangement, and mine appears on the left side of the page, starting with “Just don’t eat sugar…”.

(Note: I tried to post three pictures, but they are too large to post here. I do not know how to resize them.)



I remember this article and it was immensely encouraging to read. It was so helpful to know of other diabetics that were living life fully, even after 60 years. So fun to know that you, Richard, are still doing great. Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile: