1st T1D Captain on a U.S. revenue flight


Awesome!! :+1:

And I want to be able to say I am friends with the second.

So get on it!


This is awesome! I’d stopped paying attention to the faa but it’s always been my life’s dream to build and fly experimentals like my grandfather did… Very refreshing… hopefully sign of continued progress for t1ds

Unfortunately at 59 won’t he have to retire next year?

As a different kind of pilot who’s jumped through a lot of hoops with T1D paperwork in my career… this is especially meaningful to me


Glad you like the story! It is great news!

FAA up’d the mandatory retirement age to 65 around 2010-ish. Between that and the economic downtown, airline seniority lists sat stagnant for about five extra years with people at the top working longer. Hopefully things will go better with this upcoming potential downturn. I have a lot of friends at the tail end of the seniority lists at the legacy carriers who may or may not get furloughed come this fall.


Really awesome. I rarely… essentially never… share diabetes stuff on my public fb profile because I’m very private about diabetes outside this special circle… this made the cut though!


Really great news! I am surprised and happy the FAA finally took this step.


Wonder if the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration) will take cues from the FAA in regards to truck drivers. I know a few drivers currently who are diagnosed as type 2 but fear every time they do their A1C that they are going to end up on insulin.


I met a T1 insulin dependent CDL at my doc appointment just yesterday… we compared notes about professional licensing headaches… his sentiment was that it has gotten much much better for him lately


@Sam - that’s awesome!! I’ll pass that information along to the ones I know who don’t know that information and may soon find themselves needing to take insulin. My hubby is an ex-OTR driver. He now runs his own hydraulics business.


I think that may be largely a state by state process for cdl but it’s encouraging

I know it’s been a nightmare for long haul truckers but have known several wirh CDL who stay within wa state


I have my CDL. I had it before I was diagnosed, but when I was diagnosed, I didn’t give up my license, I just changed my status to intrastate only, where you don’t have to have a DOT physical to keep your license.
And a little while back the rules changed on what forms were needed to get my exemption to get a DOT physical.
I can only get one year DOT cards, not 2 years like normal. But I am fully interstate and can do anything I want, CDL wise.