Started a 5 day azithromycin course last night and have been having chasing high blood sugars ever since. Is this a known thing? Seems like I’ve taken it in the past and not had this effect?

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being sick in itself is known to cause high blood sugar…could be that rather than the meds


You feeling better, @Sam?

Yeah I don’t feel bad I just have a mystery cough that comes up for months at a time sometimes, usually after a common cold… and just lasts until summer comes again

Not a popular time for that

Been to all sorts of docs to try to figure it out and have tried essentially everything…


Sam will now be known as the Covid coughing super spreader!

edit - sorry it took me a second to figure out the markdown code for strikethough.


Some antibiotics are known to cause blood sugar spikes, but the Z-pack is not one of them. There is some anecdotal evidence for spikes, though.

The infection itself can definitely increase your readings. Also, there is a school of thought that the effects of the antibiotic on your digestive tract can affect blood sugar. If your readings haven’t settled down, you might want to try a good pro-biotic and see if that makes any difference.

Hope you are on the mend!