“You need to eat now, don’t you?” Wink Wink

I was in a full day meeting at work today, and I was so entertained how people were trying to use my T1D as an excuse to take a lunch break (and a break from the meeting) without them being the ones to cry uncle for lunch first…

2 hours into meeting:
Coworker A: “Oh, Allison, you probably need to eat now, don’t you?”
Me: “Nope. I’m good.”

3 hours into meeting:
Coworker B: “Oh, wow, we better take a break so Allison can eat.”
Me: “No, really, I’m good. But if you need a break…”
Coworker B: “Well, I think we really should just in case…”


This is amazing!

I can see people plotting their deployment of this strategy. Workplace diversity is strengthened by people’s desire to have an excuse for meeting interruptions. :rofl:

This is almost as bad as me occasionally relying on EH for snacks because I’m hungry and he’s usually got some form of food on him at all times. :sweat_smile:


Sounds like a a short story that they should have worked up into a whole show for the Office.


Oh there’s way more fodder for a sitcom than this scenario…this scenario wouldn’t get to the top of the pile until at least four seasons in…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I still get this from well meaning older people in my life who learned about Type 1 diabetes in the 1960s and 1970s :slight_smile:

In their defence, in the 1980s when I was on 1 or 2 shots of R/NPH and on the eat-now-or-die diet plan, this was actually a real thing - I needed to eat at fixed time.

I recall going to events with a buffet (like a wedding) where I, the diabetic, was always the first person at the buffet so I could eat before I went low :smile: Now I have no excuses for being first in line at the buffet :cry:


Well sure you do, but it is now called gluttony, and you are just like the rest of us eager beavers.