Yep, I’m Type 2 (like almost everyone else in my family!)


Hello! I’m a 54 year-old mother of 3. Have been very thin and in good shape for most of my life. I should have know something was up when my first baby was 9 pounds, even though I had hyperemesis gravidarum. I developed gestational diabetes with my third. During my forties, I had 2 back surgeries that restricted my ability to exercise for several years. Needless to say, I gained some weight during that time. When I was diagnosed in 2015, it was not a surprise. We have an extensive history of type 2 on both sides of the family. It seems to affect those who have a healthy lifestyle as well as those who don’t.

I lost 30 pounds this summer on the Ideal Protein diet and am back to a healthy weight. I’m taking Metformin and using a Freestyle Libre, which has been so helpful. I am now low carb, with the exception of an occasional french fry treat.

Right now I am trying to decide between the status quo, losing another 10 lbs, or maybe insulin. I am determined to get this under control and am thrilled to find this site. I’m looking forward to learning from all of you,



Wow! That is really impressive.

It sounds like you know how to get things done when determined. :grin: My guess is this place is great at any level, but if you’ve stumbled in here when you’ve already reached willing, it’s got more info and ideas and support you could ever ask for. Glad you’re here, and I hope you find what you need. :hugs:


Thanks! I can’t say enough about this Ideal Protein protocol. It’s a medically supervised ketogenic diet. You get weekly weigh ins and body mass evaluation so great on accountability and motivation. Great phase off instruction too. Not super tasty, but super fast weight loss which I could not achieve with calorie restricted diets and I was never hungry. 165lbs to 135lbs in 4 months. Woohoo! It’s a useful tool.


Those are great results.

That’s by design, would be my guess. Now I’ve already established my complete mental weakness, but I do best exhibiting self-control over things I don’t really want. :grin:

I have a lot of respect for someone who is able to find something that works and see it through. These are tough times to live in, and sometimes it feels like it’s easier to eat badly than to eat right. I saw you mentioned pondering the use of insulin, and I would just throw in that it’s use does mean a little more leeway in diet. I had someone tell me a long time ago that if I used insulin, I could eat whatever I wanted. Now that was a stretch, and just the ability to use doesn’t guarantee you’re using it right, but I do think it probably gives people more control in their immediate numbers, which would, for the weak minded, open up a little temptation to explore options. :grin:


but I do think it probably gives people more control in their immediate numbers,

That’s exactly what I have been wondering. I don’t think I’m there yet, but I want to learn more about it. The Freestyle Libre has shown that I have a pretty big “feet on the floor” spike. Right now I am trying to counter that with coffee with heavy cream as soon as I get up, and breakfast soon thereafter. But I don’t have any other tools and I’m just not going to do 200 jumping jacks immediately upon arising!

Nice to “meet” you. Look forward to talking with you in the future!


You, too. :blush:


Welcome, Betsy! I really look forward to reading your posts!


Welcom @briopelle, because of the nature of how our site started we have tons of information on how to use insulin. We have been slowing growing in Type 2 members and so I am really looking forward to your posts, both because some day I will likely have Type 2, but also so it helps our little corner of the interwebs grow! Thanks for joining.


Welcome @briopelle ! If I were you, I’d get my C-peptide levels checked. C-peptide is a precursor molecule that can tell you how much insulin your body is making. They now think there are multiple phenotypes of Type 2 diabetes; some people have a milder form of obesity related T2, others seem to be insulin deficient and thin. I think it could help you decide if you need to start insulin to see how much you’re actually making at this point.

Here’s one article that very roughly outlines that idea:


Hi Betsy! I wonder if there are other T2 meds that might help? (For the record, my boyfriend of 18 years is T1, my mother is T2, I am pancreas normal - and I am not an expert in the world of T2, just this year I’ve been trying to help my mom get her numbers recorded and back into range). My mom has been on Metformin for years, added in Glimepiride more recently. That hasn’t been working out, so she’s trying Janumet or Metformin and Jenuvia soon.

Anyhow, my curiosity is: would there be an oral medication which might help you?

If insulin is in the future, I’m sure it will be a great tool.

And it also sounds like you’re on the right diet and exercise train for sure. My mom’s doctor would be proud of you!! It seems like it would be easier (from my outside-looking-in perspective) to fix it now while you’re on a roll - and in my mom’s case, it would’ve been easier to deal with it earlier rather than ignore it.

And @TiaG is brilliant and I am sure her advice of what to look for is going to be helpful (to my family too!)