Working with the school nurse

Hi Momofm,

Please feel free to reach out to ask any questions any time.

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Likely you will just have him managing his diabetes, perhaps with your consultation without the staff involved at all.

Sounds like you have a great team at your current school. You are very fortunate to have been gifted not one but two CDE’s to help your son.

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I am and I do not take it forgranted at all. I understand many people in the schools feel that it would be a liability to have such a responsibility. Fortunately, our school district have given teachers support in getting the necessary training, I am not sure however, if they paid for the workshops or if this is something that the teachers paid for out of their own pockets. I know that they have this workshop. I know my son’s current teacher really did not have an understanding of T1D so she went to the workshop. She however is not comfortable in having to stick him and she needed to or even calculating the carbs. Fortunately, my son is pretty good at that now, albeit with supervision, of course.

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Thanks this is helpful. Clearly, everyone has different procedures for managing in school. It’s great to have some ideas to implement with our med plan and know that we aren’t asking too much or too little. I’m really impressed that your faculty became CDEs. As a teacher myself, I’ll have to look into this - I’d love to support our own students in this way.


Yes…This is truly a blessing. After I began trusting the process and them, the fact that they are there to assist has given me a piece of mind. Again, they are no experts and they look forward to learning different things from me about William’s diabetes. I could not have asked for a better team. Fortunately for them and William, he is the only diabetic student in the school now. That is out of 650 students.

It will also be easier for you because of your own personal connection to the disease. Maybe you could also help in your school.

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