With Medtronic pump and CGM, be _sure_ to finish the fill reservoir procedure

There’s a rather disturbing article at https://insulinnation.com/treatment/319050/ that tells of someone who was changing the reservoir in their Medtronic pump (looks like a 630 or 670). They inadvertently didn’t finish all the steps.

The pump quietly waited for them to complete the steps, and meanwhile blocked all the CGM alerts from the pump. All night. They went all night without insulin delivery and there were no CGM alerts; the pump was just sitting on the Fill Reservoir screen.

My first comment is Yikes! My second comment is the same as the first.


Funny. When I’m done playing with my old 670, I think that’s exactly the way I put it back into the cabinet. I’m not sure it’s at the same part, but somewhere in the change is the only state in which I can get it to sit quietly and not bug me. I had absolutely no idea it would cancel out sensor alarms though… that’s pretty disturbing.

Makes me miss my Medtronic even less than I already am not missing it. :grin:

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I am glad the woman who made error didn’t have any serious complications from the incident. Unfortunately the “fill resevior”/“fill cannula” is step that takes over the pumps programming and the issue dates back to way before even the 630. I think most importantly, it serves as a cautionary tale to have more than just a pump, regardless if it’s a 630/670 or tslim, monitoring/alarming your CGM values. Constantly using an additional app or PDM is always part of my monitoring strategy.

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