Why I hate insurance test strips

Been mail ordering this script for a long time, current script, with refills… but everything with insurance has to be an issue and a headache.

So instead of a 75 dollar copay for 900 strips, plus about $1000 worth of headaches

I think I’ll go back to my beloved true metrix, currently $39.50 for 300 on amazon. So that’s $118.50 compared to $75 but with zero headache, zero bs, answering to nobody. Worth every penny IMO.


Micromanagement (from CVS) too. Rather extreme, particularly as they are asking you to contact your doctor for a refill a month in advance.

I just went through my list of prescriptions with Walmart a few days ago. Guess what; they were reminding me to refill way in advance of the correct date. This explains the increasing strain on my furniture from the enormous oversupply of essential prescriptions. I put everything into Excel, worked out a refill strategy that would bring my supplies back to a reasonable level and will now ignore the reminders, or just mark them as Spam.

Good deal. It’s seriously not worth the bother at that point. If you have an HSA you can buy it on Amazon then claim it back against the HSA, or (easier) just buy some non-HSA items at Walgreens using the HSA card (just make sure you don’t buy more non-HSA items than you actually paid directly for HSA items, that would be illegal.)

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I’ve bought relion strips at Walmart for years, using my HSA card. It works very well, no bs.


Yeah. I’m convinced the run around and stress of dealing with insurance and PBMs and all that crap is taking more of a toll on my health and well being than diabetes is.


Indeed. I found it hard enough finding a doctor who I can talk to. We, and everyone else in the US, would be so much more healthy if we didn’t have to deal with this stuff. I suspect we would be richer too, or at least we could devote more of our valuable stress-hours to the benefit of our employers.