When life sh#t happens

I’ve kind of disappeared since May. As they say my personal life hit the proverbial sh#t fan. It amazing what emotional stress will do to your body. I thought my gastroparesis had come back with a vengeance, but as things settled ( or maybe figured out?) down in my personal life, my stomach issues went back to normal.

I lost my ability to focus on anything more than a few minutes. I was very unproductive at work, but fortunately I had an understanding leader.
I used my employers counseling benefits for the first time in my career. I always kind of thought of them as a joke for the weak. The desire for most things I enjoyed doing went away. My occasion cigar became a daily habit. A drink every few day’s became drinks daily. My motorcycle sat in the garage for weeks and I sat on my porch for weeks.

I’m getting back on track and beginning to enjoy things again. I’m back riding my motorcycle in the evenings and I have reduced the consumption of my other distractions.

Anyway if you’re struggling with non D related items, I understand it is difficult and it really sucks. If you need to just talk to someone, there are several affordable or free options. In my case my brothers were wonderful and my work benefits provided another unbiased outlet. Hang in there :pray:.


@jim26 sounds like you have had a rough couple of months. Glad things are starting to settle down for you. Let us know if we - FUD - can be of help.


Hugs @jim26 Sometimes life really throws you curves balls and makes it very difficult. I’m glad you are doing better.


Glad you are getting back into the swing of things. Keep at it! None of us are immune to our emotions and we all know what stress does to our BGs.


Thanks for sharing your path. It takes courage to do so. Although I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, it makes me feel better that others have struggled or are struggling too.

Keep up the positive progress! And I’m sure this community is ready to listen if you want to share with us. :blush:


@jim26 that’s a good place to be heading, keep it up!


@jim26 Glad you’re getting back into the swing of things and hope it lasts with whatever the cause was being dealt with! Your message is inspirational that even when things go in another direction, recovery and progress are possible, albeit it may take some different thinking and an approach we might not have considered practical previously. Thanks for sharing yourself with us to benefit from your experience…and don’t hesitate to ask for whatever help we or some of us can be!