When is it time to get a new glucose meter?

Hmm, my CMG has not been working so well and now I’m thinking it is due to bad calibrations from my Freestyle meter!!

Will order this one!

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So my insurance plan does not cover Contour Next One test strips! They only cover OneTouch without a Dr authorization request. I had to do this for the Freestyle, too, but it was pretty easy since I was using OmniPod which came with a Freestyle. So, if I end up paying cash, has anyone used their discount card? It seems to say that the user pays the first $15/mth, which is cheaper than Walmart:

CASH PATIENTS pay the first $15 and can save up to $66 on 100 count test strips. Excludes 15, 35 and 70 count over the counter test strips. PATIENTS are responsible for any remaining balance after discount is applied. Patients pay all applicable taxes and fees.

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So, I decided to get a new “stand-by” meter to keep at our cabin in WV. Found a coupon for my fav, Contour Next One, so got it for almost free. The adventure came in trying to buy strips for it. I usually get meds from a military pharmacy…if I pick them up there, no charge (Cha-Ching!)…but DOD apparently changed their formulary, used to be Freestyle Freedom, now it varies by pharmacy. So went to an “in network” (Walgreens). Lady there said my insurance doesn’t cover these, it will be $124/100 count. OK, the fight is on. “Ma’am, I have Medicare and Tricare for Life, they cover just about everything…” She asks how long “I’ve been using…”, odd wording; I explain my meter is 4-5 years old (older?) works great, just bought another one, I’m on a pump, Dexcom…etc. She comes back saying I can’t get the Dex and strips, Medicare wont do that, its one or the other. I tell her that’s not the rule and please get me the actual pharmacist. She goes off, they talk a couple of minutes, she literally uses 3 different computers, comes back and says, “Your co-pay will be $3.38 for 100 strips and will take us 20 minutes to get them, do you want to wait or comeback.” OK, I’m confused, I’m not aware of ANY co-pay that would result in a bill of $3.38, but fine, I’ll take them. But…“Ma’am they come in a box, it’s sealed, they’re on the shelf right behind you, and you just ran it thru 3 computer systems…what’s the 20 minutes for?” My wife, sees where this is going, nudges me and says “We’ll come back… Let’s go honey, I’m Hungary!” On return, I ask what broke thru the system, the lady doesn’t have clue….and I still don’t know where $3.38 comes from…


It’s great that it worked out for you like that! Can’t beat that 3 cents per strip! :+1:

But if people are not able to get them covered by insurance, you can generally buy the Contour Next strips for 25-35 cents per strip if you look around for a good deal. Amazon has them, eBay has them, and Walmart has them.


@Eric Thanks for the rec! Looked around some locally and couldn’t find a deal. Didn’t look online I have a stock that should last a year+ now. But will keep it in mind!


My insurance also refuses to cover both strips and a CGM. So disconnected from reality.

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@Strat1117 Who writes these rules? We need to get some T1s to go into the PBM business!


I agree that it does suck to only have one or the other covered! It’s stupid!

But if you look at the cost of Contour strips over the counter (and that’s the best meter there is!), compared to what it would cost for a CGM… it’s a pretty easy choice.


I can’t speak for others, but I personally have found that my strip usage with the G6 has been cut by more than 75%.

I still use strips, but not the 12-1500/year that I was. Now I use ~ 3-400. Maybe I should be using more and I am just lazy or unnecessarily trusting but the G6 has been close enough often enough for me to use the trends for dosing. I do get the wonky sensors like everyone else, and the sudden bg changes - that’s where my strip use seems to be from.


replace ours every 1-2 years just because it’s covered with insurance. But I read an article from the Mayo Clinic that advised replacing every 4-5 years even though the can function much longer.

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