What's low for keto?

I’m interested in hearing what others who are using a low carb or keto diet view as low blood glucose. Do you feel like what you would define as a low has changed on a low carb diet?

Hi, @Dean

65+ is mild
≤55 is getting into dangerland

I have hypo unawareness due to autonomic neuropathy, so I don’t feel lows. I test a lot (10+ per day) and treat conservatively to avoid rebounds.

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Britt, why did you decide against a dexcom again?

Thanks for your reply. I am very aware of being low, but not till low 60,s or high 50,s. I seem to be falling into this range more on runs lately.

One of my concerns is loosing hypo awareness from spend to much time low. Some people say they
feel bad in the 70,s but that’s where I feel the best.

Super-sensitive skin. I can’t tolerate adhesives. I’ll consider a DAD if/when my variability slips. Or, more likely, to appease those who care (worry too much!) about me.

There’s a study which indicated that those in ketosis don’t reach counterregulatory responses, autonomic symptoms and cerebral dysfunction until much lower levels. (I don’t have the link handy right now. I’ll try to locate it later if I have the time. Perhaps another member will chime in. You might also try a PubMed search.)