What's Going on With Me?

I am totally flummoxed by this week.

As you may know I normally take an epic amount of insulin to maintain a normal Bg. 100-150 units of novolog every day.

The thing is, since this last Saturday I don’t think I’ve taken more than 100 units of novolog for the whole week! My Bg has been exceptionally well maintained. My weekly average is about 110.

My C/I ratio has gone from about 0.68 to most recently about 3.8. I’m not doing anything differently, am eating the same as I have always at about 100g carbs/day.

I’m taking the same amount of Toujeo for basal, and it seems the right amount because one day I hardly ate anything and my Bg stayed in range all day and night.

Have I been cured? Is my pancreas kicking out insulin after 46 years of being asleep?

It’s just to strange, and I want to know if anyone might have a logical explanation.


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Doc, logic and diabetes…hmmm…

Honestly, the only thing that even remotely makes sense to me is that your insulin resistance has somehow changed for the better.

My son uses 20 - 25 units in a day and eats around 80-100g of Carbs per day. So it would appear that your cells are now up-taking the insulin this week. I would be shocked to find you were producing any of your own.

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Any change in temperature, physical activity level, stress level, vial of insulin, syringes, injection site, BG meter, any other medications you are taking (metformin or anything?!), or Dexcom sensor? Walking farther? Sleeping longer? Did someone mistakenly give you U200? Anything?

Dig deep for any difference.

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@Eric I have been doing nothing different. I did start a new cartridge of novolog on Monday, but that was after my insulin resistance seems to have vanished. Haven’t been sick, haven’t walked any further. Really, no changes.

For instance. Breakfast this morning was 26g carbs. Bg was 72 so I took no insulin. Lunch was 24g carbs. Didn’t take any insulin because Bg was 79. Bg, two hours later is level at 98. Haven’t taken any novolog today.

Yeah, pretty silly trying to find a reason. But I just really want to know.

I figure it’s a reversal, hopefully permanent but probably temporary, of resistance. I guess I should just enjoy it while it’s happening.

What about your basal vial?

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@Eric Been using the same Toujeo pen for about eight days. Just finished it this morning. I’ll see if the new one makes any difference.

That’s amazing.

No more sports or physical activities, really?

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No, nothing out of my ordinary laziness. I do about 4000 steps at work every day, but I wasn’t even a weekend warrior last weekend.

Does that corespondent somewhat to the time-frame you have seen a difference?

Well, darn.

It could either be a beta cell sputter or lower insulin resistance for some reason. I’d have to think the later version is more likely, because you have been a T1 for a long time. But why? Hmmm.

Started the pen I just finished this morning six days ago. This has been going on for about eight days.

Supercharged Toujeo?

[EDIT] Make that five days ago. I actually had two Toujeo pens going at the same time.

I didn’t know if there was a Toujeo U500 or some variation of strength.

Nope. It’s U300, but the pen measures in U100 units. It doesn’t come in a vial because of the way it’s dosed.

Ok. I cut down the basal 10% last night and this morning. Didn’t eat much today, but it was about 50g carbs total.

I took no bolus insulin until dinner tonight, when I took 10 units for 30g (which under normal circumstances would be spitting into the wind). So, that’s 10 units for 50g total today.

Sensor was acting whacky so I changed it and have done about 15-17 fingersticks today and I haven’t been over 130. Currently at 90 an hour after dinner.

Maybe someone snuck a couple of BCG injections in me while I wasn’t looking.

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@docslotnick , this is mysterious but wonderful!

I am not sure how long it will last. But I think you should enjoy every day! I know we appreciate every single day without a bad hormone peak.

Sometimes happiness does not need much :slight_smile:


This is wild, @docslotnick. Hope it continues! It does make me wonder about whether hormones are playing a part for you. I had an uncle once who liked to drone on and on about something called andropause. He’d read a book about it once. He said it explored how men actually go through something akin to (though far more treacherous than) menopause. I always laughed him off, but perhaps I dismissed him too quickly?

Whatever the source, we know you’re a costco man, so I’d hightail it over there for some of this…

post haste!


@Irish Thanks for the heads up on andropause. I’m going to look into that.
And thanks forthe Costco tip. That stuff looks pretty good. I eat a lot of peanuts and almonds from Costco. I’ll have to try some of stuff you recommended.

Yesterday was more of the same and I’m enjoying the heck out of it. A Chipotle barbacoa burrito (85g carbs) required 20 units of novolog on Saturday night. Bg never got over 140. Last one I had before this took 60 units and took me well over 200.

Today has been 30g carbs and no novolog. I’m at 130 right now arrow pointing down. :grin:

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Maybe all of the insulin you have injected over time has pooled under your skin and is now providing an “insulin shield”.


@Chris Yeah, that has to be it. @Eric even proved that insulin never expires, so there’s that.

Now I can say I’m not fat…That bulge is just 46 years worth of pooled insulin :cheeky: