What's Going on at Canada Drugs?

When I tried to visit the Canada Drugs website today, I got this instead

Anybody know what’s up???


Glad I only ordered Luxura HD reusable pens from them.
At least those were authentic…
Guess I’ll get my next ones from Mike’s instead!


Do you suppose they really were selling placebo pills? Or was it more a violation of selling drugs not approved by FDA?

A story from the other side: https://www.pharmacycheckerblog.com/what-really-happened-canadadrugs

After reading this and the previous story, it appears to me that the counterfeit batch of cancer drugs provided a convenient opportunity for .Gov to shutdown the web business, perhaps at the urging of big pharma?..

The “Partnership for Safe Medicines” was very interested in this case, per a review of their website and press releases. A quick google search about this nonprofit revealed this NPR story: https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2017/04/18/524363014/nonprofit-working-to-block-drug-imports-has-ties-to-pharma-lobby

There’s a surprise…pharma is interested in maintaining their captive market

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When I read a bunch of stories, it appears in addition to retailing drugs to US patients, they were also wholesaling drugs to pharmacies and such in the US undercutting US wholesalers, that in combination with the counterfeit drug issue allowed them to shut them down and confiscate their websites.

Marks Marine still sells to US patients, and as long as they stay retail, and don’t get into the wholesaling business I think everyone will be fine.

My read on the counterfeit drug issue, was one that happens from time to time to any pharmacy, not something they did on a regular basis to make extra money.

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