What statistics on insulin use are available?

I found these statistics from Tidepool and noticed that in a couple of these plots I’m at the extremes of the distribution. Of course there’s nothing wrong with that, but I’m curious what could explain the differences. Do the carb ratio and insulin sensitivity correlate with body weight for example? Does anyone know if there is more relevant data available out there?


I can tell you in my son that carb ratio does not correlate with body weight. My son is extremely carb sensitive i.e. 50-300 on 12 g of sugar. That hasn’t changed much despite him adding 40% to his body weight over the last few years. Because of this, he doesn’t give a low treat without also bolusing insulin, he also normally treats with 4 carbs. At his diabetes camp the other kids cannot believe how high my son goes when he eats carbs. Using the camp protocol most of the kids stay in the 150-250 range while my son lives at 350+ and has to beg for insulin.

I don’t have a comment about the other issues you asked about.


So it looks like I’m a 6yo according to most of those stats, although I’m definitely down the narrow end of TDD for a person in her mid 40s. I’m really sensitive to boluses and don’t need much at all per carb, and increasing my IS factor more has smoothed out my ups and downs. I am looping, and have lost weight as a result, which has been the first time ever I’ve done so with minimal effort. I was simply on far too much insulin in general before looping.
I’m now not driven by insulin fueled hunger, which is so liberating. My control hasn’t changed much (non diabetic HbA1c prior to looping), but my quality of life has ++++++.


Nice, @Morrisminor72!

@Boerenkool, there are some generic guidelines that endos use. I understand that a +/- average guideline is about 0.8U.day/kg. That number is much higher for teens (up to 1.4U.day/kg?). But we can see that, on the forum, there are huge variations.

FYI, right now we (young teen) use between 0.8 and 0.95U.day/kg. So we appear to correlate to the standard weight curve.


Like you, I was taking far more TDD insulin before I went low carb (keto). My TDD is now ~ 22U/day, making my average 0.3U per day/kg

Thanks! My TDD doesn’t obey that guideline, despite my relatively high carb intake (compared to the data from Tidepool).

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